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Our vision for Wandsworth is built and is already making a real difference to the lives of local people. Whether on the way to and from work, or simply discovering peace away from the intensity of the surrounding streets, you can find what you’re looking for at Ram Quarter. This is the new home for leisure in Wandsworth: a home with heart and soul, a home for experiences, for exercise, extra special events - and a home for everyday pleasures.

Ram Quarter is everything the heart of Wandsworth has been yearning for.

Life is thriving at the heart of Wandsworth

Wandsworth is one of the largest inner London boroughs and has a predominantly affluent Acorn profile, with 80% of households from the top 3 categories.

Wandsworth is extensively populated with City “Sophisticates”* who bring high levels of expenditure and spend 32% more a week than the UK average.

City Sophisticates

These affluent younger people generally own flats in major towns and cities and enjoy the lifestyle that comes with living in larger cities.

Career Climbers

These are younger people, singles, couples and families with young children. They live in flats, apartments and smaller houses which they are sometimes renting and often buying with a mortgage.

Source: Caci, Acorn / * Acorn Profile

Tradition kept alive

Attention to detail is a hallmark of Ram Quarter where high quality materials and craftsmanship come first. Original period details give graceful hints of the site’s heritage, and have inspired the colour palette, textures and materials used in the development’s architecture and interior design.

Experience the heart of Wandsworth